We’re Different

We offer personalized, considerate services and make a substantial difference to clients - one client at a time - maximizing their independence at home.

We offer a depth and background with our staff that is important in dealing with people of varied background and varied physical and mental challenges.

Unlike a traditional contractor, we make a difference in the quality of life. We impact peoples daily lives by helping them get in, out and around in their homes.

We offer a full continuum for keeping people in their own homes - from adaptations and modifications to repairs and maintenance.

We offer peace of mind to clients and their families.We often act as a surrogate family - they know they can call us and that we will respond and be there for them.

We have a strong commitment to educate the community, family and health related professionals about the unique situations and needs of Seniors and Adults with
Disabilities as well as the challenges of people of all ages with cluttering and organizing issues. Through presentations and workshops we provide new perspectives, understanding and some solutions to home safety and accessibility as well as issues surrounding hoarding challenges. We also serve on boards and committees that impact the community.

For the staff at Community House Calls, this is not a job, but a mission - To treat clients foremost with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Our proprietary safety assessment and report is well thought out, extremely thorough and easy to understand. It is based on Ray’s over 25 years experience in the health and social services.

We are innovative and creative in our approaches to solving clients challenges and keep up with the newest technologies in order to offer the best solution to each situation we encounter

We have an active network and are able to effectively recommend professionals that will serve in the same spirit as Community House Calls where we have situations that require expertise beyond what CHC can offer.