Our Staff

Our dedicated staff combine years of home improvement, home maintence and home adaptation experience. With a commitment to quality, efficiency and technically superior craftsmanship, our staff members possess demonstrated skills in all phases of home modifications and home management on a personal and practical level. Professional, dependable, trustworthy…


Ray Mailloux Raymond V. Mailloux, MBA, LNHA – President and CEO After a very successful term as director of one of New Hampshire’s largest social service/ health care agencies I decided to start Community House Calls in order to be hands-on with helping others. We are now celebrating our 10th year of business, and I'm proud of our accomplishments and awards. I have experience in health care management and social services, and have served on local, state and national boards that promote the unique living and health care needs of seniors. I enjoy meeting with clients, listening to their stories, and finding practical ways to help them live at home for as long as safely possible. I grew up in a multi-generational family and learned to respect elders and learn from their wisdom - and still do.


Pam ManesPam Manes, M.Ed. – Director of Service Development In my position with Community House Calls I have the privilege of talking with clients, their friends and relatives, case managers from both state and private organizations, and our crew. I help coordinate scheduling, try to fix problems as they arise, and
motivate people thru presentations and newspaper articles. I am a former teacher of both elementary and adult students, have taught courses on creativity, own a small catering business, have had experience in training, sales, marketing, client services and management. I love reading, traveling, and the ocean.....and my passion is working with Community House Calls - a company whose services I believe in and am proud of. I've been here 8 years and counting!


Kevin O’BrienKevin O'Brien – Field Service Supervisor I grew up in Derry, New Hampshire and have a background in carpentry, electrical work, supervision and management of workers. I've worked with this company for 4 years, and I enjoy being part of a team with Community House Calls and like helping people who actually need help. I feel good about assisting those in need, and enjoy it when they comment on the good quality and workmanship of our jobs.



Shawn DaileyShawn Dailey – Field Service Technician & Staff Photographer I'm staff photographer, professional cleaner, and I also assist on remodels and construction projects. In my free time I'm a freelance photographer and musician working and living in the Seacoast NH area. I love the outdoors, music, art, and hanging with good friends. I also enjoy helping people in need and seeing a huge smile on their faces when I complete a Community House Calls job.



Rusti Delmar – Field Service Technician Raised in Southern California I have recently moved to the Seacoast to lend a helping hand. I have a background in roofing, retail, shipment, customer service and graphic design in LA, I am working with Community House Calls and assist them in cleaning and construction. I enjoy making homes safer and bettering peoples lives in the North East. I love travel, music, arts and helping people along my way in the adventure of life.



Carol Redmond – Bookkeeper I've been doing office administration and bookkeeping for the past 30 years. I am responsible for maintaining up-to date and accurate financial information for Community House Calls. I am a Tai Chi Instructor and Karate practitioner, and at one point owned a Karate Studio. I love to bake, cook, and keep a healthy lifestyle.